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Thank you for visiting Infrared Light Therapy, a website dedicated to providing information on the benefits of infrared light therapy. This disclosure statement aims to inform you about the nature of our website and any potential conflicts of interest that may arise.

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The primary focus of Infrared Light Therapy is to provide educational and informational content about infrared light therapy and its associated benefits. Our articles, blog posts, and other materials aim to inform readers about the application, usage, and potential advantages of infrared light therapy in various health and wellness areas.

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The information provided on this website is based on our research, personal experiences, and professional knowledge. While we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information, the content published on Infrared Light Therapy should not be considered as professional or medical advice. It is crucial for readers to consult qualified healthcare professionals before implementing any of the discussed therapies, treatments, or products mentioned on this site.

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To support the maintenance and operation of our website, Infrared Light Therapy may participate in affiliate marketing programs. This means that we may earn a commission through qualifying purchases made via links placed throughout our content. Please understand that these affiliate relationships do not influence the editorial integrity of our articles. We only recommend products or services that we genuinely believe in or have personally used.

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Occasionally, Infrared Light Therapy may collaborate with third-party organizations, companies, or brands in the form of sponsorships or partnerships. These collaborative efforts may involve monetary compensation or other benefits to us. However, we assure you that our partnership decisions are driven by our commitment to delivering valuable and relevant content to our readers. We take utmost care to ensure that sponsored content is clearly identified and distinguished from the regular informational material.

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At Infrared Light Therapy, we value your privacy and are committed to protecting the personal information that you share with us. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for detailed information on how we collect, use, and safeguard your data when you visit our website.


Infrared Light Therapy is a website dedicated to providing information about the benefits of infrared light therapy. While we strive to deliver accurate and useful content, it is important to understand that the information provided on this site should not serve as a substitute for professional advice. By using our website, you acknowledge and accept the terms and conditions outlined in this disclosure statement.

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